Sunday, February 24, 2013

Hey loves, thanks for stopping by. Today I have a Walmart Pure Ice Haul $1.97 each. Pure Ice has never been a favorite brand of mine not even for the price. I find their formulas to thin and inconstant. But they have a new line of colors out so I had to give them another try.
First up is Sheer Luck. This a green micro glitter with purple and teal hex glitter suspended throughout. Here's what I hate. I hate glitters that I need my fishing pole for and I had to fish for the hex glitter. Grrr! Pretty if you want just green glitter, anyway.
 Next is Twisted. Great name because this was a twisted blue. A flaky mix of blue, teal and green. Wonderful color great on it's own. Two coats even application. Nice. First with flash and the out of focus shot is closer to real color with blue under tones. For $4 bucks I'm happy with these. Enjoy :-P

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