Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Night Sky

Hey guys! I have another buy one get one half off from Claire's. I picked this one up and another that was a total fail. Swatches to come. On with the review.
Night Sky has only two types of glitter. Its set in a clear base with powder fine blue glitter with iridescent micro glitter that flashed the colors of the rainbow in any type of light. I believe this was only two coats. Sorry, I was so taken away by the holographic look. I was blown away after one coat, wow.With flash
 Natural light.
 Artificial light.
Enjoy ♥

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day to all who are interested. For today I have a Sinful Colors Special Edition. Shamrock Shimmers can be found until tomorrow at you local Walgreen's for $1.99 each.
Doesn't the display look beautiful. Shh, I was sneaking this picture.
 Irish Green is a lime green jelly formula. I used three coats for these pics, well because it is a jelly they tend to be more translucent. I had a few air bubbles and a fingerprint on my middle and index finger, left hand, other than that I like the color and I'll be seeing this one again this summer.
Prefect name for the occasion.  
 Here we have Green Ocean. This reminds me of the plastic green grass you'd put in your Easter basket. Green iridescent flake's throughout this lovely. Flashing green and blue this was one coat. The foil stands up on this one and I really had to dab it on my nail. Two heavy coats of Seche to smooth things out.
If you don't have to work today, GET DRUNK Irish or not!!! ♥
Be Safe. Enjoy ♥

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Revlon Scented

Smells so good.  Hey guys today I have two from Revlon's scented collection. I swatched Bubble Gum, another yummy gem (here). 
First up Not So Blueberry. This is a metallicly purple and blue flaky shimmer. Two coats with a top coat. I still think Rev's formula is a little thin but this color was fab and it smelled even better. Think blueberry pie filling, yum ;~0
Next... Orange Pop is a orange with pink under tones. The pink keeps it from being to neon looking. This was two coats and top coat. 
The smell on this pretty reminded me of an orange dreamsicle. A favorite treat in my youth now can be remembered on my finger tips. Hi-five Revlon,lol.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Yay! They're Growing

Quick post today, peeps. About three months ago I removed my gels tips and started the sometimes painful process of glowing out my nails. I blogged my starting point here ( back-to-basics ). These pics are as of the beginning of the month. 
The smile lines on my index and thumb have nearly grown out. It's making polishing easier.

Twins, Pink Wednesday

Thanks for stopping by. I have today a polish that has the nail world a buzz. Last year Deborah Lippmann released a polish called Candy Shop. You can check it out (here)
Candy Shop is a pink jelly base with multi and I mean multi colored glitter. Green, pink, sliver, orange and on and on. Its like looking through a candy store window and seeing all the different colors together. 
Above random web photo. These polishes are exactly the same.
This was two coats with top coat.I love the shear pink base it gives just the right amount of nail coverage. Claire's Candy Shop is $5 at buy one get one 50% off. So you can get at least 5 bottles and still save money rather than spending $18 on the high end brand. Bloggers half done comparisons they are the same! Is this legal, lol. I love this look and the formula was great. I got two bottles of this baby since Claire's just put it back on the shelves. 
Enjoy ♥

Monday, March 5, 2012

Keeping it Moving with Magnets

Hi Loves! First let me say how much I "HATE" this polish. How much I hate the magnetic polish movement all together. Smf! At any rate on with the review. There are all brands and prices for the following new nail trend. I bought the cheapest "I" could find. Which was Claire's brand found at my local mall. I paid $8.50 and picked up a glitter eye pallet for 50% off. I later in the week picked up this hideous polish in blue and got another nail blogger's covet, which I'll keep secret for now, at half off. I only got another bottle hoping it would get better, it did not. On with the pics!
I also stopped in Sephora while I was at the mall. They also have a brand at $16 a bottle. Ah yeah right. We'll call this one above Emerald since it has no name. It comes with directions about application. I found those useless. I first applied a thin coat to all ten digits letting dry. Then a second heavy coat. My first fail was I applied to all ten, came back to use the magnetic to find the polish had dried enough not to work.
These pics were done one nail at a time. A base coat and two coats each finger with magnet use after each polish application. I held the magnet over the nail bed of the wet polish for about ten seconds. I found that the metal particles in the polish once they pull to one side or form a position that's it. I didn't think the magnet was strong enough. I felt for nearly $9 it should look better and be easier than this. I Youtube magnetic polish folks dropped the $16 on the higher end brands. Some got great results and some looked just like these pics. I've reached my cap on the magnet polish. Hell, I tap out at two bottles of crap and $17 in, smh. Blue Magnetix polish swatches, ah not to come,lol, no really.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Wet n Wild Megalast

Hi guys, thanks for stopping by. I've been on a va-ca from this blog but I can assure you my nails have looked great, regardless. For today's post I have a new on from Wet n Wild's Megalast collection. This beauty was $1.99 at my local drug store. 
Disturbia is a plum shimmer with golden undertones. My pics SUCK and don't pick up the color of this polish. It's more purple and golden. Two coats. The formula was a bit thin but it covered. One coat of Seche to finish.
More true to color,above, with flash.
I wore it for a day. So, I can't tell you if it has megalast or not, lol. I sponged on OPI Servin' Up Sparkle on the second day. Enjoy!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Gems on My Finger Tips

Welcome back. Yes, I know many blogger's have already reviewed these, but I'm very comfortable with my pace of things. Think back...2011 Sally Hansen and glitter and you get Gem Crush. I love it! I love glitter sooo much ♥ I was very happy to see it found it's mark in the nail polish trends of 2011. At any rate there are eight beauties in this collection Gems Crush site. I have four.These pictures were taken between November and December 2011.
This pic was taken yesterday at my local drug store. You can get these for a whole $1 cheaper at Wal-Mart, people! Do the right thing.
 Here you see a non clean - up Sally Hansen Blue Me Away. I used this as a base for Bling-tastic. Which by the way was the only one of my four that was not full coverage on its own.
 Wow, look at that bling. This was two coats of Bling over BMA. This is a teal micro fine glitter in a clear base with sliver hex glitter throughout. What I found was that, the teal, micro glitter wasn't as fine not nearly as sand like as the other glitters. Hence is why it wasn't capable of full coverage on its own.
 Still a great glitter plenty of shine. Top coat.
 Next up we have Be-Jeweled. Purple is my most favorite color since I was a child. This was two coats full coverage. Powder fine iridescent purple glitter with iridescent pink glitter that flashes all the colors of a rainbow. Wow!!!
Out of focus. Look at those colors ♥
Lady Luck is something I would wear to Vegas. A deep burgundy fine glitter suspended in a clear base sets this one on fire. I read some reviews were folks didn't like the sliver glitter. I thought it gave it character like a slutty dress with the right shoes. Meow.
Different lighting.  See the sliver glitter. This was a hot combo and color.
Last but not least...
Big Money.
Big Money will have you saying just that. Oooh mamma this is loaded with honey gold glitter and macro purple hex glitter for a knock out pouch. Two coats and a top coat of Seche. For the most part all the glitters were easy to apply and a pain to remove, lol. Easy removal: soak cotton ball in remover and wrap finger tips with cotton and foil to hold in place.