Monday, December 17, 2012

Why Am I Painting My Nails?

Omg! I am loving nail apps! I picked up a pack of China Glaze's new line in Cherry Blossoms. I am in heaven. I paid around $6 with change at Sally Beauty for 16 sealed real nail polish appliques. China Glaze has about a dozen designs. I also picked a feather style. For a few dollars less than Sally Hansen Salon effects you get a comparable product.
 Cherry Blossoms are delicate flowers with brown stems set atop a cream base. To be real nail polish I found these a tiny bit thicker than the Sally Effects. Because of that I was able to just peel these off. It did leave a sticky residue that remover cleaned right up. Application was still a breeze. Peel, stick, smooth and file. Love it. I applied top coat, but it did not add or take anything away from the look. For my accent nails I used China Glaze last season's Poinsettia which is a bright jelly red. 
 I just take pictures guys, lol. I want you to see the real product in action.

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