Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sally Hansen Salon Effects

Hello and welcome. Thank you for supporting, reading and following me. Today, I have nail apps. These are Sally Hansen real nail polish strips. They come in over two dozen designs and colors. I purchased mine from Wal-Mart for $8 and change. If you buy them any place else you will pay $9.99 and up. They are $12.99 at CVS, ah yeah right. Do the right thing people. On with the review!
Love Letter is just what its called. Words compose a letter of sorts, who knows what it says, but it looks cool. There are 16 nail polish strips. Eight in two sealed packets.  In order to get a bang for my buck I only used one packet. I cut each of the eight strips in half and did two accent nails. I have wide nail beds and short nails, for work. I found application simple and it took less then an hour. I did use top coat to seal, Seche Vite. The TC added shine in addition to the sealing.
 Day Three. I crackled my accent nails to spice things up. I got tired of looking at them but could not bring myself to remove them. They still looked sooo good.
Day four. I started peeling them off but to my surprise they didn't move. You need nail polish remover because these are real nail polish. I recommend the foil method. I believe they would last 10 days and I am buying more ;-) Thanks. Enjoy

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