Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Kiss Dress

Welcome. These were part of my Merijer haul. Kiss Dress are nail stickers. They come in over a dozen designs and the cost was under $7 for 28 stickers,yay. I won't go into great detail about application. Match your nail size, peel, stick and file. I did them while sitting on the floor watching TV. That easy. I love them. There are so many brands on the market. Sally Hansen has real nail polish decals 16 for under $9.  I don't know why I wanted so long to try these. They're great for on the go and come in salon designs. It's advertised to last for 10 days. As I write this it is day three and they're not going to make it,lol. Tip wear and a little peeling, but overall I'm happy.


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