Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Pink Wednesday

Welcome. I have Pure Ice today from Wal-Mart at $1.99 each. I have a love hate relationship with Pure Ice brand of polishes. I also "hate" the color pink on my nails and its rare that I find one I like. I didn't like this one or the formula hence the double feature. Here we go...!
 Peony looked just like what the name implied. This was three runny baldy coats. Ugh! Gross! This color is nice, if you like pink. This was a barbie pink with sliver shimmer throughout. The camera flash makes it look more neon than it is. It was very muted in tone with great sliver shine.
 I just think pink in general is to bright for my skin tone. But, cheers to Pink Wednesday anyway ;-)
 Ah...My love side for Pure Ice No Means No. Two coats still was a little spotty but nothing that required a third. I love the name on this one,lol. This is almost how I felt about Pure Ice. I love purple and this has blue shimmer that picked up great in the light. The purple was not to dark not to light a real fun cool color.

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