Sunday, April 22, 2012

Claire's Fail

Hi all. OK, so I know this polish has been out for awhile but Claire's has re-stocked it. I should have just admired it on the shelf. I bought this and an awesome glitter I swatched (here). This polish was just a product fail. On with the review.
New Technopop is a layered polish. Ah, layered while in the bottle that is. From top to bottom the colors are green, pink, blue, and purple. *Do not shake the bottle* Although, the results on the nail are the same shaken or not.
The above pic is two coats of this horrible mess. Once you drag the polish brush, through this mess of an idea, all the colors blend together. What you get is a pink and green shimmer puck bomb, yuck! The blue and purple pretty much get eaten by the other two colors. Thank goodness this was only $2.50, but still to much. Take a pass on this one.
Enjoy ♥

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