Thursday, March 15, 2012

Revlon Scented

Smells so good.  Hey guys today I have two from Revlon's scented collection. I swatched Bubble Gum, another yummy gem (here). 
First up Not So Blueberry. This is a metallicly purple and blue flaky shimmer. Two coats with a top coat. I still think Rev's formula is a little thin but this color was fab and it smelled even better. Think blueberry pie filling, yum ;~0
Next... Orange Pop is a orange with pink under tones. The pink keeps it from being to neon looking. This was two coats and top coat. 
The smell on this pretty reminded me of an orange dreamsicle. A favorite treat in my youth now can be remembered on my finger tips. Hi-five Revlon,lol.

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