Monday, March 5, 2012

Keeping it Moving with Magnets

Hi Loves! First let me say how much I "HATE" this polish. How much I hate the magnetic polish movement all together. Smf! At any rate on with the review. There are all brands and prices for the following new nail trend. I bought the cheapest "I" could find. Which was Claire's brand found at my local mall. I paid $8.50 and picked up a glitter eye pallet for 50% off. I later in the week picked up this hideous polish in blue and got another nail blogger's covet, which I'll keep secret for now, at half off. I only got another bottle hoping it would get better, it did not. On with the pics!
I also stopped in Sephora while I was at the mall. They also have a brand at $16 a bottle. Ah yeah right. We'll call this one above Emerald since it has no name. It comes with directions about application. I found those useless. I first applied a thin coat to all ten digits letting dry. Then a second heavy coat. My first fail was I applied to all ten, came back to use the magnetic to find the polish had dried enough not to work.
These pics were done one nail at a time. A base coat and two coats each finger with magnet use after each polish application. I held the magnet over the nail bed of the wet polish for about ten seconds. I found that the metal particles in the polish once they pull to one side or form a position that's it. I didn't think the magnet was strong enough. I felt for nearly $9 it should look better and be easier than this. I Youtube magnetic polish folks dropped the $16 on the higher end brands. Some got great results and some looked just like these pics. I've reached my cap on the magnet polish. Hell, I tap out at two bottles of crap and $17 in, smh. Blue Magnetix polish swatches, ah not to come,lol, no really.

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