Thursday, March 1, 2012

Gems on My Finger Tips

Welcome back. Yes, I know many blogger's have already reviewed these, but I'm very comfortable with my pace of things. Think back...2011 Sally Hansen and glitter and you get Gem Crush. I love it! I love glitter sooo much ♥ I was very happy to see it found it's mark in the nail polish trends of 2011. At any rate there are eight beauties in this collection Gems Crush site. I have four.These pictures were taken between November and December 2011.
This pic was taken yesterday at my local drug store. You can get these for a whole $1 cheaper at Wal-Mart, people! Do the right thing.
 Here you see a non clean - up Sally Hansen Blue Me Away. I used this as a base for Bling-tastic. Which by the way was the only one of my four that was not full coverage on its own.
 Wow, look at that bling. This was two coats of Bling over BMA. This is a teal micro fine glitter in a clear base with sliver hex glitter throughout. What I found was that, the teal, micro glitter wasn't as fine not nearly as sand like as the other glitters. Hence is why it wasn't capable of full coverage on its own.
 Still a great glitter plenty of shine. Top coat.
 Next up we have Be-Jeweled. Purple is my most favorite color since I was a child. This was two coats full coverage. Powder fine iridescent purple glitter with iridescent pink glitter that flashes all the colors of a rainbow. Wow!!!
Out of focus. Look at those colors ♥
Lady Luck is something I would wear to Vegas. A deep burgundy fine glitter suspended in a clear base sets this one on fire. I read some reviews were folks didn't like the sliver glitter. I thought it gave it character like a slutty dress with the right shoes. Meow.
Different lighting.  See the sliver glitter. This was a hot combo and color.
Last but not least...
Big Money.
Big Money will have you saying just that. Oooh mamma this is loaded with honey gold glitter and macro purple hex glitter for a knock out pouch. Two coats and a top coat of Seche. For the most part all the glitters were easy to apply and a pain to remove, lol. Easy removal: soak cotton ball in remover and wrap finger tips with cotton and foil to hold in place.

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  1. Thanks for the swatches! I think big money is my fave of these.