Monday, August 22, 2011

Red, Not My Favorite Color But. . .

For today's post I have an OPI goody I picked up at Ulta. I'm normally not a fan of red anything, but OPI isn't just anything. This combo was under $15 for two polishes and a cool bracelet. That's under 5 bucks a piece.
The trio includes polishes Big Apple Red and Lincoln Park After Dark (swatch to come).
Big Apple, is a red jelly. A jelly is a transparent color polish. Where as your creames and mattes are not.
 OPI has done it again. Big Apple Red is a straight up red. No under tones of anything but red. ♥ it! I think I like it because of the jelly formula. A cream or a non-shimmer red would diffently still be in the store,lol.
 Two coats for full opacity. Flowers were created with a dotting tool using white, yellow, and green, nail art polish. The bracelet reminds me of Ed Hardy gear. Heaven!
Happy Monday! Enjoy ♥

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