Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Pink Wednesday ( Gradient )

Happy Pink Wednesday!
For today I did a pink gradient. I used two pinks. One by Sally Hansen called Fuchsia Power and Sinful Colors Fusion Neon. I added a pink glitter polish by Bon Bons .98 cents.

SH's Fuchsia Power was two coats. A cream formula no shimmer. Good because like crackle I am nearly over shimmer. But that didn't stop me from adding a little here, today.

 Outside direct sun light.
 I used a clean make up sponge that I cut into triangles. I brushed some Sinful onto the sponge and applied it on top of my two coats of Fuchsia Power. Topped it all with two coats of Orly Sec n' Dry top coat.

 The Bon Bons was a pink glitter in a pink, more like a light plum color, jelly base. I used very little on the sponge.


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