Thursday, July 21, 2011

Serena Williams Glam Slam

Today's post is from OPI's Serena Williams Glam Slam.
This is Nails on the Cheap, but not that cheap, lol. I got this beauty when it first came out months ago from a seller on Amazon. Under $15 plus shipping.

This was the first "Red" shatter/crackle, whatever you want to call it, out. Then of course nearly every who's who brand of polish had a shatter/crackle. Red has been done at least twice by other brands.
At any rate I loved this formula. The Red Shatter is a jelly which makes it different from other colors and brands. It was very smooth and I don't do red. I love it and can't wait to pair it with something else.  
Next time I'm going to go thicker on the brush. To see if I can get big breaks out of this one. A thin coat gave it more of a streaky break. Enjoy! Thanks.

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