Monday, July 25, 2011

Hello. Welcome. For today's post I'm going to share with you my collection of polish. Enjoy!
I use top coat to seal my nails after I apply a nail color. I love Sally Hansen's No Chip Top Coat and Seche Vite's Quick Dry Top Coat. But, Seche for almost $9 a bottle at some places, I don't feel you get to use the whole bottle. It gets thick at the end. I added nail polish remover to thin it a little. But it just made it worse. The best quick dry but the worse value. And this is Nails on the Cheap. So skip the Seche Vite.

Some singles. I only own one bottle of China Glaze outside of their Crackle line. Wow!
...more singles
Claire's! I could spend a whole day and a lot of money in their store,lol.
I'm not a fan of Essie. I think their polish formula is to thin and you need to be a pro to apply it. I own one bottle of color. That I HATE! I also have Matte about you only because I can't find Hardy Candy's Matte-ly in love anywhere. And I wanted to try matte nails, that I love, posts to come. Essie does the job for under $9 at your local drugstore.
I grew up on Wet n' Wild. Its $1.99 need I say more!
Oh, Dollar Store, yes I will marry you. .99 cents for some cool colors of shimmer and jelly polish. Sinful I enjoy, also, for a buck more.
I see you Sally! Xtreme Wear is great to apply. Normally two coats. Shinny and durable as hell.

Pic Heavy!
China Glazes Crackle Collection. I don't own Black Mesh or Platinum Pieces for these collections. Because I feel black is black. I have OPI's Black and Sliver Shatter. Some blogger say there is a difference to the slivers out there. But I'm cheap so I wouldn't know and wouldn't be finding out. 
...more crackle
Left to Right
Black Shatter w/ Katy Perry's The one that got away
Sliver Shatter w/ Planks A lot
Red Shatter w/ Rally Pretty Pink
Luv it. Heaven!
Oh, Orly I can show some love for you too!

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  1. You probably know this by now, but you can use nail polish thinner (not remover) to thin your Seche Vite. Sally Beauty supply has one in the Beauty Secrets brand.